Mobile Technology

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Business is evolving rapidly. In a modern business environment your staff need access to key business information wherever they are. Enabling your staff to access relevant information on the go should significantly increase productivity. Users can already access their ERP systems anywhere, anytime through a browser and now it is available on your tablet or mobile device. Nolan Business Solutions have developed a number of innovative solutions to extend your ERP system to mobile devices and allow companies to speed up business processes. 

Field sales staff can check stock availability in real-time, as well as place orders from their mobile device or check customer details easily through a simplified mobile app. Managers can receive alerts to approve expenses, customer credit levels, etc. 

With this increasing demand in mobile access, Nolan Business Solutions has continuously worked with customers to provide access to their information wherever they are. Our mobile apps take your business systems on the road and allow you to make your business faster and more effective. Talk to us today to find out how you can streamline your business processes by giving staff real-time access to pertinent information wherever they are.