For salespeople working with a good customer relationship manager (CRM) platform, it’s hard to imagine a life without one. They help streamline the sales process, improve cross and up selling of products, and allow the sales team to close deals faster. On the flip side, a sales team working with an outdated CRM system will find it difficult to compete for business, and ultimately help your company grow.

The momentum behind Microsoft Dynamics 365 has continued to rise over the years, and there are several reasons why. Read on as we explore five reasons your salespeople need Microsoft Dynamics 365 over its CRM competitors.

1. Direct LinkedIn access

An extremely useful integration for sales associates is Microsoft Dynamics 365’s direct connection with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2006, and has utilised this to give salespeople the ability to carry out LinkedIn activities through their CRM. Directly from the platform, you can view profiles and make connections, send messages, create posts, and interact with users.

But why would you need such functionality when you can just log into LinkedIn directly? Well, carrying out these actions through a CRM enables you to manage and track sales in one place. This helps to eliminate and overlap in your database, while providing valuable insight on prospective individuals and organisations.

2. Simple business integrations

Being a Microsoft product, Dynamics 365 has been engineered to integrate seamlessly with other key Microsoft applications, helping connect internal processes (like the LinkedIn integration we mentioned above).

Popular integrations native to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform include:

  • Sharepoint – Microsoft’s web-based document management and storage system.
  • Office 365 – A line of subscription enabled software including Word, Outlook and Excel.
  • Power BI – Microsoft’s business analytics service providing visualisations and business intelligence capabilities.
  • Teams – A proprietary business communication platform including messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing.
  • OneDrive – Microsoft’s file hosting service.

3. Artificial intelligence

For a salesperson to effectively sell, they need to understand the ins and outs of a potential customer/client. This is where Dynamics 365’s Artificial Intelligence comes in to play. With features such as Customer Insights, Sales Insights and more, the Dynamics 365’s AI provides data-driven information to help salespeople make better and more impactful decisions.

Microsoft’s artificial intelligent apps work by uniting all prospect and client information into a single user-friendly interface. This displays real-time analytics and statistics from a live dashboard to help your team understand client trends and behaviours – extremely useful for cross or up selling and developing new marketing campaigns.

4. Accessible on the move

As our society becomes more flexible, and with many working at home/on the move, mobility has become essential. Being able to access critical information through a mobile CRM gives sales professionals the tools needed to thrive.

With Dynamics 365’s mobile-friendly interface, your sales team can access data from anywhere, at any time. From here, they can keep on top of analytics, move opportunities through the sales line and enter new leads – a great way to stay proactive and boost productivity.

5. On-going support and resources

As a relatively large platform, there are so many features and options available to help drive business. But that doesn’t mean your team will be left in the dark. Microsoft have published an extensive online library to help teams stay productive and avoid long periods of down time.

On top of this, Microsoft qualify partners to help provide the latest information on Dynamics technology. Qualified partners have the knowledge needed to support, create and implement Dynamics 365 solutions for businesses looking to develop their sales strategy.

At Nolan Business Solutions, we’re proud to be partnered with Microsoft. We’ve been developing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics projects for over 20 years and have produced over 15 bespoke applications to suit the individual business needs across the nation. If you’re looking for a partner to help solve your business software problems, contact us at Nolan Business Solutions today and unlock your business potential.

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