The UK Payroll Solution for NetSuite

Used by 650+ NetSuite customers globally, Infinet Cloud’s award-winning software brings the management, processing and analysis of your payroll completely within your core NetSuite setup. Extend the power, flexibility and reporting of NetSuite to gain "to-the-penny" analysis of your Labour costs whilst seamlessly paying your people accurately, efficiently and on-time, every time.

What Makes Infinet Cloud Unique?

Infinet Cloud is the only on-platform payroll for NetSuite in the UK and is the highest rated native application on, globally based on 65+ reviews (April 2020). With 5-star support from UK based payroll experts, the solution  can be implemented and live within six weeks and reduce payroll processing by up to 50%.

All of Your Critical Data and Processes Managed in NetSuite

Employee and labour costs are often one of, if not, the largest and most complex costs in any business. By bringing the management of your payroll natively within NetSuite you are not only streamlining processes and removing the need to import complicated journals, you are enhancing your investment in NetSuite as your primary business system, understanding the detail behind your labour costs and workforce activity with seamless, one-click and KPI reporting, whilst putting your people at the heart of your strategy. 


  • Native to NetSuite

    Software looks, feels and operates natively as part of your NetSuite setup. Streamlines processes and unifies data.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    100+ customisable reports included as standard. Easily create custom reports using standard NetSuite functionality.

  • Automatic Upgrades - Always Compliant

    Infinet Cloud automatically upgrades in-line with your NetSuite and is updated to include any new legislative requirements as standard.

  • Employee Pay Configuration

    Easy, configurable pay components, employee allowances, commissions, bonuses and everything needed to ensure a smooth, dynamic payroll process.

  • Leave Management

    A comprehensive, built-in leave management system streamlines the leave request of an employee, approves and automatic payroll adjustment.

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