Integrations into Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite

We have written many integrations into Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite. No matter how comprehensive the functionality is in the standard products it is often preferable to integrate another system into the core ERP or CRM. 

The business benefits of a good integration between systems are clear. It prevents data being re-keyed between systems eliminating errors and saving time. Often a best of breed solution is needed in a particular business area, for example, expense management or warehouse management. Sometimes your employees simply love an existing system, it does a great job for the business and there is no need to change it, but the accounting system does need to be upgraded. A good integration enables this. 

Typical use cases include:

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Some of our clients have advanced warehousing demands which require specialist solutions which go over and above the already powerful functionality contained within NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP. For these clients, we have built integrations between their WMS and their ERP. This could also extend to third-party logistics solutions (3PL). 


For Microsoft Dynamics GP our expert development team built an integration for Concur. Concur is a best of breed expense management solutions and seamless integration with the general ledger is essential. 

Alternative CRM Packages

Occasionally a customer will be very happy with their existing CRM solution but need to change the ERP. We have experience of building integrations into Pipe Drive CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Alternative Accounts Packages

We have built integrations from NetSuite CRM into alternative accounts packages like Access Dimensions and PS Financials. Whilst most customers will come to us to replace these types of legacy accounts package, on occasion, it is preferable to integrate with them using one of our CRM solutions. With our development expertise, this is possible. 

Technology Used

The technology used varies depending on the solution required but we frequently write secure integrations using SOAP, RESTful API, SFTP and simple file transfers.

NetSuite development is built on the SuiteCloud Development Platform utilising ECMAScript or as NetSuite like to refer to it "SuiteScript". 

As source code holders for Microsoft Dynamics GP we develop in Dexterity, SQL and ASP.Net. 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

One way to reduce administrative overheads is to introduce an EDI solution. Increasingly, suppliers are accepting purchase orders electronically and returning despatch advice and invoices via EDI. If you are managing large volumes of items, an automatic feed is essential to prevent tricky CSV imports or manual data entry. If you are an IT Solution Provider our eInteract solution does just this for either Microsoft Dynamics GP or NetSuite. 

If you need EDI for NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics GP we have built many of these solutions in the past. Examples of EDI solutions we have implemented include; customers wanting to integrate with your ERP to place orders to see what inventory you are holding, sending payment files to your bank, importing bank statements, sending invoices to factoring companies, or any other type of data interchange you can think of. The possibilities are endless. 


Many clients build a great website as the first priority when setting up a new business. Then once the business has grown, it quickly becomes evident that they need an ERP solution to manage the volume of orders. Manually re-keying customers details, contact addresses, and sales orders are manageable when volumes are low, but an integration is necessary in order to scale up the business and continue to take advantage of the investment already made in the website.


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We work closely with customers to ensure solutions are tailored to specific business requirements. Whether this is a small customisation or a full-scale additional module, we deliver best practice customisations.

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