What is SuiteSuccess?

SuiteSuccess is the result of a multi-year transformation project to combine the NetSuite unified business solution, 20 years of industry leading practices, a new engagement model, and proven business optimisation methods, into a cohesive, industry Cloud solution.

It has been engineered to solve unique industry challenges that historically have limited a company’s ability to grow, scale, and adapt to change, all within 100 days. Most ERP vendors have tried to solve the industry solution problem with templates, rapid implementation methodologies, and custom code. NetSuite took a holistic approach to the problem and productised domain knowledge, leading practices, KPIs, and an agile approach to product adoption. This leads to faster time to value, increased business efficiency, flexibility, and greater overall customer success.

The four key pillars:

  • BUILD - A complete suite to support the modern business including ERP, CRM, PSA, omnichannel commerce, HR and Business Intelligence (BI) built on the NetSuite cloud platform, continually updated with leading edge capabilities and technologies to support all of our industries.
  • ENGAGE - Leading practices for each industry and role including workflows, KPI reports, dashboards and metrics, with the flexibility to personalise on the NetSuite platform from the initial sales contact to on-going support. With these leading practices, value is added at each stage of the engagement.
  • CONSUME - Intelligent staged approach via NetSuite’s industry stairway allows companies to consume capabilities based on their business needs. A re-imagined consumption model drives faster time to value, better ROI and greater user adoption. Companies can now go from zero to cloud in 100 days.
  • OPTIMISE - Customers benefit from continuous engagement, updated leading practices, new feature releases, value added SuiteCloud partners and movement up the stairway. Customers also are always on the latest release.

How can SuiteSuccess benefit your business?

  • Industry Expertise

    More than 3,000 hours worth of industry-leading best practices already built into the system.

  • IT Management and Resources

    IT support costs reduced by 40% to 65%, and business continuity costs reduced by 45% to 65%.

  • Anytime and Anywhere

    Provides real-time global business insight via the Cloud, meaning it can be accessed via most devices and browsers.

  • Business Visibility

    360° visibility and actionable insights increased by 55% to 80%, and reporting time and resources reduced by 40% to 55%.

  • Tailored for Your Business

    Ability to immediately adopt over 250 reports, dashboards, and business intelligence indicators built on leading role-based practices for your industry.

  • Financial Management

    Time to close financial books reduced by 45% to 70%, and audit completion and support time reduced by 25% to 40%.

“To now have a robust and reliable ERP solution such as NetSuite live and capable of handling our high data volume requirements has been of great benefit to poweredbypie Group. As NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess is pre-configured, it has enabled our business to adapt quickly and start utilising the benefits available, allowing us to focus on our key business goals.”

Jon Orpen, Group Finance Director, poweredbypie Group

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SuiteSuccess Editions

There are a number of versions of SuiteSuccess available that are tailored to specific industries and methodologies:

Starter Edition

Designed to help small and rapidly growing companies manage all aspects of their business in a single system, Starter Edition will have you up and running quickly with pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports, and value-driven dashboards for daily and strategic needs—for all key roles within your business from day one. 

Download the PDF

Financials First

With Financials First, you don’t just get software, you get the benefit of NetSuite’s experience in financial software. Expert implementation from Nolan Business Solutions equips customers to make the most of NetSuite and quickly expand with next-generation solutions.

Download the PDF

Wholesale Distribution

Leverage our deep understanding of Wholesale Distribution businesses across all sectors to ensure success through our consultative approach from sales, to implementation, to support, spanning your entire lifecycle. We deliver complete solutions and practices that will take your business to the next level.

Download the PDF

Services Organisations

With SuiteSuccess for Services organisations you can launch, run, and grow with the #1 Cloud ERP solution. Whether you're a start-up or an established business, NetSuite enables your team to stay agile and flexible using one unified business management suite, that grows with you at every stage.

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