UK businesses have worked hard to drive incremental improvements in cost and efficiency over the past few years but many have hit a wall. It is only by embracing the latest generation of technologies offering real-time insight that can be embedded within core operational processes - from eCommerce to customer service and procurement - that companies will achieve the required step change in performance, productivity and profit.

Executive Summary

Is fundamental business change now inevitable? There is a groundswell of opinion that organisations have pushed existing business processes and underpinning technology to the limit. The only way to move forward, drive new efficiencies and exploit global opportunities is to embark upon significant business change that will deliver a step change in operational performance and profitability.

That step change in performance is now beginning to occur in UK businesses in every sector, from manufacturing to professional services. Following years of consistent, incremental improvements in performance, through automation or streamlining processes, a growing number of organisations now recognise the opportunity to take that leap forward and gain a quantifiable improvement in competitiveness, productivity and profitability. 

But this new business vision can only be realised through a radical change to business processes and strategic thinking, backed up by the right technology. In practice this means a fundamentally new approach to every aspect of the business. 

  • Attempts to improve Customer Service must be replaced by a highly effective and relevant Customer Experience that encompasses every single interaction
  • Dated Business Reports should be consigned to history, with businesses exploiting Embedded Real-Time Insight to drive processes, performance and employee behaviour
  • Accept that inefficient, un-integrated web sites that only enable customers to place orders are not eCommerce. Real business value can be delivered through a truly integrated approach that simply and effectively offers customers another channel to the business, with self-service order placement, automated order, invoice creation, product tracking and credit checking. 

This white paper lays out the opportunities for fundamental business change and the tangible return on investment that can be achieved - from effective employee utilisation to reduced procurement costs and improved customer acquisition. 

For more information about eInteract and how it can give you a competitive advantage visit our eInteract webpage. 

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