Does your current solution cover all you need for your business?

If you are starting out or you are an established business you need to ensure that the system you choose will support your business model for now and for the future.

Nolan Business Solutions will explain what they can offer you when considering your solution;

1.Meet unique needs from the start: Nolan Business Solutions can help you manage your business process, with on-premise or cloud installations where you can adapt functionality to meet your businesses unique needs. With experienced developers Nolan Business Solutions can offer add-on solutions to enhance your systems, so you can get the most out of your investment.

2.       Give employees a solution they’ll want to use: Business success starts when people take full advantage of their business systems. Then they can focus on their responsibilities, instead of on chasing information and juggling applications. Tailored home pages and personalised dashboards make accessing the information easy. 

3.       Tailor the solution to work the way your business does: No two businesses are alike and industry specific needs vary widely. Nolan Business Solutions has experience working with a variety of industries and a proven track record in customising add-ons to enhancing solutions.

4.       Make it easy to access information: Stay connected, speed planning and view performance with role-based dashboards and KPIs that include gauges, charts and graphs relevant to people’s roles.

Also, allow your employees to access their systems from virtually any location, using their preferred device. Nolan Business Solutions offers solutions that are highly scalable and flexible and are available on-premise or in the cloud.

5.       Beyond basic reporting: Businesses rely on simple real-time access to information and reports to make decisions that take your business further, faster. Nolan Business Solutions can offer solutions that go beyond basic reporting, taking all the information you have put in, turning volumes of data into relevant information that you can easily share across the business.

6.       Ensure scalability and performance as your business grows: Settling for a “quick-fix” solution that may not meet your needs in the future can result in higher costs. Nolan Business Solutions ensures it takes all of your requirements and offers a solution that will be compatible with your business model, whether it be standard functionality or a customised system.

7.        Long-term Investment: As a business you want to make sure the solution you have chosen will be invested in long-term. With the offer of customised applications to extend the use of your solution, Nolan Business Solutions can help you streamline your business processes allowing you to focus on more important day-to-day tasks.

Business Solutions

Nolan Business Solutions understands how difficult these decisions are and knows how to help you find the right solution for your business. We specialise in providing Microsoft Dynamics GP and NetSuite as end-to-end solutions which can range from out-of-the-box or cloud business solutions, all the way through to a fully customised system, written to your specification.

We frequently provide solutions that start with CRM and marketing and often incorporate order processing, Professional Services Automation, Customer Service and almost always the core financial ledgers. Our team of experts has been involved in a substantial amount of system implementations and understands that as each business is different, each system will be different too.

Nolan Business Solutions has been helping businesses solve their issues, with the solutions and custom developed applications we offer, for over 25 years.

Customers not only turn to Nolan Business Solutions to fill the functional gaps in their business management software, but to also work with a partner who is willing to listen and understand their requirements. Whether the result is a standard Dynamics GP, NetSuite or customised system, we will work with our customers to ensure they get maximum payback from their solution.

To find out further information on what Nolan Business Solutions can do for your business, please click on the link below or contact us at

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