If you have been using NetSuite for a while you may benefit from taking a look at the system to ensure it is adding as much value as possible to your organisation. Ask yourselves these four questions…

  1. Have you been using NetSuite for a number of years and feel that you are not getting the best from the system?
  2. Has your business changed and you now need the system to better reflect the new business focus/ goals?
  3. Have the people originally trained to use the system moved on and system knowledge been eroded?
  4. Did project fatigue set in after the initial go live and items which had been scheduled for future phase of implementation have never been completed?

Our usability audits may be the answer. Frequently we help customers get the best from the original investment made in the system when one or more of these situations occurs.

Our consultants and developers are experienced in reviewing the current business needs and current system usage and identifying areas where improvements can be made. This may simply be delivering some training to make sure your users are making use of all areas of the system. Alternatively, this may be implementing new functionality that was not part of the initial project scope. Businesses change rapidly, and it is crucial that the systems that support the business keep up.

Common areas of functionality we assist with are purchase to pay (P2P), approval workflows, expense management, improved financial reporting, credit control, web portals and much more. There may also be modules like Fixed Assets, CRM or Case Management that have not been rolled out.

NetSuite is automatically upgrading twice per year and there is a huge amount of new functionality delivered with each new release. Often users are not taking full advantage of these new features. Nolan Business Solutions can help review the new features and select any areas which will bring added value to your business ensuring you are getting the most from your annual investment.

If the current users haven’t received the original training, it is not uncommon to see them revert to manual workarounds and spreadsheets start to creep in. Before you know it,  many of the problems you solved with the original system implementation return with users creating silos of information.

NetSuite has comprehensive reporting, dashboarding and alerting functions. Often the standard reports are used which work well but as a more mature user you are now ready to customise them to retrieve better data from the system. Our consultants can do this for you, or provide training to enable your teams to be more self sufficient.

If the business has a unique area that does not match the standard product’s capabilities, our development team can help. We have built many customisations and SuiteApps to extend the benefit you get from NetSuite over and above the norm. We are expert SuiteCloud developers and have vast experience in getting the best from NetSuite’s customisation ability. It is common to build integrations between other systems and your website for example.

How we do it

We work with your team to conduct a series of workshops focused on each job function and area of the system. We ask the users what does and doesn’t work well and find out how the system could be improved to help them perform their jobs better. We’ll identify any gaps and new areas of the business that could benefit from better usage of the system. We also spot any quick wins along the way and will make changes and provide some training during these workshops where appropriate. This gives early ROI and leaves users feeling positive about the experience.

The result of these workshops is a usability audit report that identifies the areas for improvement which together we prioritise and then work through. The aim is to build a partnership and to help you maximise the benefit you receive from your investment in the system.

If you also require a more personalised support service, then our NetSuite support team based in the UK can help. We offer a range of flexible support contract options designed to give clients easy access to support services when they need it.

Next step

So, if you want to make sure you are getting the most from your system and that it is supporting and helping your users, not working against them, then get in touch.

Phone: 01252 811 663

Email: sales@nolanbusinesssolutions.com

Visit our Services webpage for more information. 

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