Today marked the first keynote of SuiteWorld and first up was the Founder and EVP of Oracle NetSuite, Evan Goldberg with 'Full Suite Ahead'!

From the stunning Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Evan discussed 'the new ways NetSuite are helping make the day-to-day operations and financial management of your business easier so you can spend more of your time, energy and resources on your company’s mission'.

After an exciting drum and light show to begin the keynote, the audience were taken on a journey of business that grew from a small simple start-up to a large supplier with many stakeholders. As it grew larger, the company created a business system hairball full of a multitude of processes and software to run every part of their business.

Having set the scene, it was then shown how businesses in this scenario can move away from this chaotic approach and become more agile and efficient by integrating their stand-alone processes and streamlining operations through the number one cloud ERP system, Oracle NetSuite.

Once the more general NetSuite benefits were concluded, Evan Goldberg moved on to announce the exciting new capabilities that the SaaS has to offer...


NetSuite CPQ

The first announcement was NetSuite CPQ which enables those in sales to swiftly ‘configure, price and quote (CPQ) complex products and services with complete accuracy and reliability—directly in NetSuite’.

NetSuite CPQ helps to further improve and speed up the sales process by providing the ability to create 3D product visualisations and automate the generation of sales proposals.

CPQ allows salespeople to quote and sell like experts and maximise sales with an easy error-proof process.


Key features:
  • Select features and options with the Configurator
  • Dynamic Pricing with rules-based pricing
  • Single-click quotes with The Lives Quotes feature
  • Quick and easy to prepare proposals
  • Bill of Materials and Routing to reduce manufacturing costs
  • Guided Selling to assist salespeople and customers
  • 3D Visualisation that empowers salespeople and online buyers


NetSuite Ship Central

Second to be unveiled was NetSuite Ship Central, a mobile app built to continue the improvement of warehouse efficiencies by optimising operations, speeding up deliveries, and removing manual processes.

With the ever-increasing pressures on warehouses to increase their output often with no additional resources to do so, the need for further automation of manual and time-consuming processes is more crucial than ever.


Key features:
  • Easily locate shipments
  • Combine Multiple Shipments
  • Work Across Multiple Shipping Carriers
  • Print and Reprint Labels at Any Point
  • Track Packages in Real Time
  • Customize Ship Processes

From November 2022, NetSuite Ship Central will be available worldwide.


NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management

Centred on improving the management of your workforce, this new add-on module is a single solution that provides digital time tracking, improves operational efficiency through streamlining tasks like running payroll and approving timesheets, removes the guesswork out of scheduling and enables a more accurate method of paying workers through automated calculating of worked hours and annual leave.

By opting for NetSuite SuitePeople Workforce Management, businesses remove the need of using a range of applications to manage scheduling and improve the accuracy and efficiency of their staffing.


Key features:
  • Streamlined scheduling
  • Automated wage Calculations
  • SuitePeople Time Clock on iOS or Android
  • Access anywhere, anytime with a Mobile App.
  • Analytics through customisable dashboards


NetSuite AP Automation

Finally, and perhaps saving the best till last, Evan Goldberg announced that accounts payable automation is coming to NetSuite, eliminating one of a business’s most painful and laborious tasks.

NetSuite AP Automation will make processing bills and making vendor payments much simpler and save an immeasurable amount of time for NetSuite users worldwide.

It works by taking converting normal invoices a business receives into something more recognisable, a standard digital format, and pushing them into a workflow that results in suppliers being paid.

Specifically, the beginning of the process uses something called optical recognition that can pull information from your regular invoice.


Key features:
  • Data entry transformed with automated data capture
  • Faster and more accurate invoice matching with automatic matching
  • Automatic general ledger correction removes inconsistencies
  • No more manually sending documents with electronic approval routing


Want to know more about the capabilities of NetSuite?

Nolan at SuiteWorld

Nolan Business Solutions are thrilled to be back at SuiteWorld as an exhibitor, our first time back live in person since COVID.

Exhibiting at booth 140, you can find many of our Oracle NetSuite team throughout the event showing off our SuiteApps!


Those viewing online will be able to join us for a 20-minute session titled '“Smarter and easier ways to reconcile your cash, credit cards and vendor payments using Nolan Business Solutions’ certified Native SuiteApps!”.

This will include tips and tricks on smarter and easier ways to reconcile your cash, credit cards, and vendor payments using Nolan Business Solutions’ certified Native SuiteApps.

We will address these key questions:

  • Are you looking for extended bank connectivity options to auto-download statements and transmit vendor payment files?
  • Does your reconciliation process partially match data, leaving you with a significant number of transactions requiring manual matching?
  • Do you wish your bank or credit card data would auto-post and update your general ledger upon import?
  • Do you also need a tool to automate your merchant gateway and corporate credit card reconciliation process?
  • Do you have a large volume of accounts and transaction data that would benefit from further task automation?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, JOIN US to see how Advanced Bank Reconciliation with Nolan Bank Feeds and Electronic Payments with Nolan Payments Direct can help! 

Interested in the number 1 cloud ERP NetSuite?

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