Managed Services from Nolan Business Solutions for NetSuite, is a bespoke support package that ensures that you are maximising the potential of your NetSuite solution.  

How can Managed Services for NetSuite benefit your business?

We know that some NetSuite users require more than the standard support offering. There are users that don’t have the relevant in-house skills and therefore are unable to fully utilise their software solution. Some customers pass the responsibility of managing their NetSuite solution to staff who are already stretched or employ an expensive full-time NetSuite resource to maintain the software.

That is why we have developed Managed Services for NetSuite. The solution gives NetSuite users a resource that is dedicated to their requirements and enables them to fully maximise the power of NetSuite. By outsourcing the management of your NetSuite solution to Nolan Business Solutions, we will ensure that your solution is delivering what it was intended to do as well as educate users on how best to use NetSuite.

Nolan Business Solutions’ Managed Services for NetSuite is a cost-effective solution to enhance the performance of the world’s #1 cloud business software suite. Our service enables NetSuite users to have a highly skilled NetSuite resource at their disposal, without the requirement to recruit an expensive full time member of staff. 

Benefits of using our Managed Services for NetSuite:

  • Weekly on-site resource

Have a dedicated member of our team on-site to help with ongoing queries.

  • Year and month-end

Support your year and month-end process with confidence.

  • Backup from our other teams

Utilisation of our Development, Support and Consultancy teams.

  • Upgrade testing

We can help to check that your application and bespoke scripts are compatible with NetSuite upgrades.

  • NetSuite general admin

Use our Managed Services to create; new users, roles, forms, saved searches, reports, dashboards, workflows, general support, analytics, and much more.

  • New user training

Stop the degradation of knowledge within your business.


Visit our Managed Services for NetSuite webpage for more information. 

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