The following blog post will run through the main feature updates, improvements and functionality enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics GP. The features listed below is a selection of what is new with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 that we have selected based on the significance of the improvements for the end user. There are a number of new features that have been made to the software that haven't been included as there are too many to list.

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Roadmap

Below is the latest roadmap from Microsoft on what the future holds for Dynamics GP. Despite recent uncertainty, this roadmap proves that there are no plans for Microsoft to phase out Microsoft Dynamics GP and that ongoing development will continue. 

1. SmartList Designer

Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList Designer was first introduced as a free tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 that allows users to modify existing or create new SmartLists. The designer helps users get information quickly and easily, and links their financial information with business applications. 

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R1 - new features were added such as Password Protection, Workflow and Document Attach.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 - SmartList Designer Favourites will now display in the SmartList Favourites navigation lists. 

2. All-in-one viewer

All-in-one views (AIO) are an exceptional new feature that allows the user to easily track the complete cycle for a particular transaction or group transactions.

AIOs have been introduced in Microsoft Dynamics version 2015 with the first one being the Purchasing AIO, but now we have new Sales and Inventory AIOs to go with it. 

3. Entering Journals

Users can enter journals manually, recurring, copy and using allocations. If a user is using spreadsheets for accounting, this is a time-saving feature to enter information right from Microsoft Excel into Microsoft Dynamics GP. Users setup standard spreadsheets then easily copy and paste the data into Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

4. Workflow

Each version of Microsoft Dynamics GP has built onto the Workflow features. The latest release from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 continues to extend the capabilities of Workflow. In addition to new workflows such as General Ledger Accounting and Purchase Invoice, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 has added Workflow capabilities like copy step and reminder emails. Users can also create Timesheets and Expenses Workflows with this feature. 

5. Document Attach

Document Attach allows the user to attach documents such as journal backing sheets, requisitions, credit reports, and images to master records, Sales Order Processing transactions and Purchase Order Processing transactions. In addition, a user can attach documents to individual line items on transactions. 

6. Other Microsoft Dynamics GP New Features - GP2016 and GP2018

A short list of other new features that have been included in the most recent update for Microsoft Dynamics GP: 

  • HTML5 Web Client
  • Visual cues available for vendor hold status
  • A new option hide inactive cheque books in lookups 
  • SOP Navigation list option to print documents in Originating currency now not just Functional 
  • Email customer statements right from the customer card
  • Password length will be increasing to 21 characters
  • One payment per invoice set or one payment per vendor
  • Shows username in "alert" when another user edits a batch
  • Budget Exception Reports

If you want to find out more information about any of the above new features to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 head over to our Microsoft Dynamics GP webpage or contact

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