What's new in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Welcome to the third in a series of blog posts focusing on the new features and functionality for the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.

This post will focus on the updates made to the User Experience. 

User Experience

Giving users easier and faster ways to get to and find the data they are looking for to make decisions based off of the information stored in Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

Included in this blog are a selection of screenshots showing examples of the new features made to the User Experience. 

"Sort" Functionality Added to Receivables Transaction Inquiry Window

New feature:

  • Added the ability to sort by Type, Document Number, Document Amount, Amount Remaining and Document Date in both Ascending and Descending Order for both Receivables Inquiry windows. 

Example of Receivables Transaction Inquiry Window

"Sort" Functionality Added to Payables Transaction Inquiry Window

New feature:

  • Added the ability to sort by Document Number, Type, Original Amount, Unapplied Amount and Document Date in both Ascending and Descending Order for both Payables Inquiry windows. 

Examples of the Payables Transaction Inquiry Window

System Password

New feature: 

  • Users only need to enter their system password once during the active session to navigate around the system area within Mircosoft Dynamics GP 2018. 

Example of System Password entry

Renaming of Payable Windows to "Payments" instead of "Checks"

New feature:

  • The Payables Management Check Windows have now been renamed to "Payments" to give a broad definition to windows for different types of vendor payments: EFT, credit cards payments and so on.

Example of name change in Edit Payment Batch Window

Autocomplete - Web Client

New feature:

  • Ability to have fields autocomplete in the Web Client as they do in the Desktop Client. 

Example of fields autocomplete in Customer Maintenance Window

Add Password on SmartList Favourites

New feature:

  • Users have the options to put in a unique password on SmartList favourites. This will allow tight control as each password can be different instead of a system set password. 

Example of adding password on SmartList Favourites

Shortcut to SmartList within the Web Client

New feature:

  • The shortcut has been added to the banner for SmartList to allow for quicker navigation. Users who have access to the SmartList window will see it, and those who do not have the security authorisation will not see the shortcut. 

Example of shortcut to SmartList within the Web Client

Maximise Window in Bank Reconciliation - Web Client

New feature:

  • Within the Web Client, the user can now maximise the Bank Reconciliation window. This means that the user carrying out a reconcile can see more transactions within the window, reducing the amount of scrolling needed to find transactions. 

Example of ability to maximise window in Bank Reconciliation within the Web client

Bank Reconciliation Additional Sorting Options

New feature:

  • Within the Bank Reconciliation Window, the user will have more customisation options to sort the window so it is easier to find transactions during the reconciliation process. 

Example of additional sorting options now available in the Select Bank Transactions Window

As well as this series of blog posts, we have also put together a video detailing the new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. Click here to watch Consultant Joe Prior give a brief overview of the key new features that have been released. 

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP and how an ERP solution can help your business why not come along to our Microsoft Dynamics GP Update Event at Tower Bridge in London on Wednesday 24th January 2018. Register your place now by clicking here. 

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