What's new in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Welcome to the second in a series of blog posts focusing on the new features and functionality for the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.

This post will focus on the upgraded Workflow 3.0 to Workflow 4.0.

Workflow 4.0

The latest release from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 continues to extend the capabilities of Workflow. In addition to new workflows such as GL Account and Purcahse Invoice, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 has added Workflow capabilities like copy step and reminder emails. 

Included in this blog are a selection of screenshots showing examples of the new features available in Workflow 4.0.

Reminder Emails

New features: 

  • Reminder functionality now added to Workflow
  • Reuse existing messages and modify with reminder comment

Example of Workflow Maintenance window

Example of an email reminder from Workflow


Copy Workflow Step

New features: 

  • Copy a step within a Workflow
  • Option to rename new step
  • Option to include sub workflow steps

Example of a Copy Workflow Step

Reporting for Workflow

New features:

  • Workflow History Report available
  • Filter by workflow type, workflow approvers, workflow status, approval date
  • Include workflow comments on report as option

Example of History Report

Payables Transaction Workflow - Additional Fields

New features: 

  • Add additional vendor fields from extended fields list
    • Vendor Account
    • Comment 1
    • Comment 2
    • Vendor Class ID
    • Payment Priority
  • Update messages

Example of adding additional fields

Purchase Order Workflow Messages

New features:

  • Add account description to email Workflow Message
  • Purchase Order Workflow Message
  • Purchase Requisition Workflow Message

Example of Message Setup

Add EFT/Bank details Vendor Approval Workflow

New features:

  • Additional fields available for Vendor Workflow in Workflow Condition Editor
  • Included in Extended Fields
  • Vendor EFT Bank fields from SY0600 - Electronic Funds Transfer Master
  • Add the fields to the Vendor Approval Workflow message

Example of Workflow Condition Editor window

GL Account Workflow

New features:

  • New Workflow for GL Account
  • Email message for GL Account

Example of GL Account Workflow maintenance window

Example of Email message for GL Account

Receiving Transaction Workflow

New features:

  • New Workflow for Purchase Receiving Transactions
  • Email message for Purchase Receiving Workflow

Example of new Workflow for Purchase Receiving Transactions

Example of email message for Purchase Receiving Workflow

Purchasing Invoice Workflow

New features:

  • New Workflow for Purchasing Invoice
  • Email message for Purchasing Invoice 

Example of new Workflow for Purchasing Invoice

Example of Workflow Condition Editor

As well as the series of blog posts, we have also put together a video detailing the new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. Click here to watch Consultant Joe Prior give a brief overview of the key new features that have been released. 

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP and how an ERP solution can help your business why not come along to our Microsoft Dynamics GP Update Event at Tower Bridge in London on Wednesday 24th January. Register your place now by clicking here. 

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