NetSuite have announced a new user interface (UI) which is planned to be rolled out in a phased release starting with 2014.2, currently scheduled for Q3 2014.

New NetSuite User Interface

Leveraging and supporting HTML5 and based on principles of modern “flat design,” which emphasizes crispness and clarity, the NetSuite UI blends elegance and functionality with easy-to-read fonts, attractively redesigned icons and graphics, increased whitespace and greater aesthetic simplicity, Overall highlights include:

  • Completely new visual design across all elements of the suite.
  • A slim, anchored navigational header that ensures quick and easy access to navigation and tools such as Global Search, Recent Records, Help, Quick Add, and Shortcuts.
  • A new global QuickAdd that enables users to rapidly add tasks, events, contacts, and more from anywhere in the product.
  • “Progressive disclosure” that conceals action prompts until mouseover for a cleaner experience.
  • An improved experience on tablets through a responsive dashboard, larger menus and controls and improved scrolling.
  • A new dashboard personalisation panel that makes it easier for users to tailor the dashboard to their individual needs.
  • New iconography focused on learnability; greater visual consistency across all pages, pop-ups and other interface elements.

Hour-long webinars on 16th & 17th June will offer users a look at NetSuite’s bold new UI and provide guidance on making the most of the updated environment. For further information and registration, please click here.


  • Improved dashboard portlet layouts, presentation and alignment of data, and responsive to suit the device used.
  • Improved look and feel and usability of dashboard personalisation tools.
  • Progressive disclosure of icons and actions to reduce clutter and redundancy, allowing greater focus on what’s important.
  • Improved drag-and-drop capability for easier and intuitive personalization of dashboard content.
  • Improved presentation and layout of portlet filtering options.

Record Pages

  • Icon in the header to help tie icons used in recent records, history and portlets to the actual record types.
  • Improved information hierarchy and visual hierarchy of record pages, with better sizing, spacing and alignment of elements.
  • Improved look, feel and interactivity of record page controls.
  • Additional states, focus, mouseover and helper icons on hover.
  • Improved legibility and spacing on record pages; labels above the fields for minimal horizontal scrolling.
  • Improved table design with less horizontal page scrolling.

List Pages

  • Redesigned List and Search result pages focusing on usability (filters moved to the top, progressive disclosure of filters, better use of space, row highlighting).


Source NetSuite Press Release
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