Case Study on Paperwork Pros' implementation of NetSuite

Traditional ERP deployments are often thought of as time consuming and costly - the preserve of large enterprises only and not for startups. But the advent of cloud-based ERP systems - especially those that can be rapidly deployed - is challenging this notion. Quick deployments of cloud-based software mean that an ERP system can be a realistic proposition for a small startup too. 

Illinois-based Paperwork Pros began implementing Oracle's NetSuite ERP when it launched in April 2018. Paperwork Pros creates and sends out invoices on behalf of its customers. It chose NetSuite's engagement model, Suite Success - which aims for implementation within 100 days – to get up and running quickly. The software has allowed Paperwork Pros to benefit from automated financial processes (which is key to the business) right from the start. It will grow with the company, giving it the flexibility to adapt and scale workflows as it expands.

Implementing ERP software at the start of a company's life can help the business plan for growth, ensuring that systems and processes can be scaled in the future. These systems are no longer out of reach for SMEs and startups. Cloud-based software and packages tailored specifically to this segment are making ERP deployments an attainable option for small businesses as well as large enterprises.

Key messages
  • Paperwork Pros wanted to establish an ERP system as soon as the company was established, automating processes as much as possible.
  • The company chose NetSuite and its SuiteSuccess offering and deployment approach, which targets a faster ROI for the customer.
  • Getting a deployment right requires a lot of work upfront but has lasting long-term benefits.
  • Implementing NetSuite right at the start of the business's life has helped Paperwork Pros build a solid foundation for growth.
  • NetSuite is helping Paperwork Pros to operate more efficiently, saving on running costs.

To read the full Case Study, click here.

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