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New Version of eRequest

by Campbell McLeish on

A new version of eRequest is now available, with a number of bug fixes having been made. Below is a breakdown of the main fixes that have been made:

Version 3.00q SP1

  • Fixed upgrade issue from version before 2.51f where it attempted to access 'Authentication Type' field before it is added
  • Fixed issue in AD mode where eMail redirect link showed error RequestId not found
  • Fixed issue in AD mode where the Install User was unable to login, after the initial install, too many redirects error
  • Fixed problem on Schedule Task Edit page, with 'Next Run At' field was missing the time component (Also updated view to show the time component)

Version 3.00q

  • Fixed issue with Mass Invoice Approve not returning errors
  • Changed reject so it doesn't validate the distributions
  • Fixed issue with Mass Invoice Approval not returning an error correctly. The Invoice which causes the error is now listed
  • Fixed issue with incorrect error message being displayed when user licenses were exceeded
  • Added missing Authentication field upgrades between version 2.51 and 3.00
  • Fixed issue with "Email Supplier" not displaying the report if there was an ampersand in the Vendor ID

To find out more about eRequest, visit our eRequest webpage -