There is nothing more inspiring than getting your entire company together to discuss what can be improved to enhance your customers experiences!

Nolan Company Day All

The Nolan Business Solutions team recently took time out on a Saturday to listen to each other and work cohesively as a team to expand their customer services.

The Nolan Company Day kicked off with Adrian Slade from MK Group taking the team through the results of the recent "Customer Experience Survey", which they facilitated for Nolan Business Solutions. The Customer Experience Survey included insights right across the board, from Sales and Service teams to delivery and billing procedures.

The independent customer research conducted by MK Group provided Nolan Business Solutions with valuable customer knowledge and identified opportunities to advance the customer experience of working with Nolan.

Tim Nolan from Nolan Business Solutions added; "We really appreciate all of our customers' candid feedback and found the results of the Customer Experience Survey to be extremely positive."


NBS Group Work


The team split into groups to discuss the Customer Experience Survey's findings; giving the opportunity to brainstorm ideas regarding how to best use the information gathered for improving our customer service levels, and also how to make Nolan an even more enjoyable place to work.





In the afternoon there was a more competitive edge to the day! Participating in one of four teams, the different skills were really put to the test. Activities included: laser clay pigeon shooting, target practice, crossbow, chemical rescue, spider web and to end it all, human table football.

Laser Shooting            Spiderweb

Highlighting the great levels of teamwork at Nolan, the teams had to discuss action plans and identify individual skills that best suited each activity.

Human Table Football                Human Table Football

A close competition, the grand finale "Human Table Football" involved excellent footwork and teamwork. One team prevailed and were handed the winning title. Congratulations to Linda, Inga, Colin, Ian, angela and Lewis!

NBS Winners

The Nolan Company Day ended with a meal and drinks, enjoyed by all. The positivity from the day has remained in the office and really helped the Nolan Business Solutions team pull together and work as one team, with a better understanding of customers needs. 

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