We have now launched our Nolan Cloud Services platform, along with our HMRC recognised VAT Submission software for Making Tax Digital. 

Nolan Cloud Services is a platform built on Microsoft Azure available using a web browser from anywhere at any time. 

Licensed as a service, there are no upfront fees. Just an annual subscription cost for the software that is being used. 

Click here to set up your free Nolan Cloud Services account.

How to create your free account for Nolan Cloud Services: 

Step One

Go to www.nolancloudservices.com and select "Create Free Trial Account"

Step Two

Fill in the information required, agree to the Nolan Cloud Services Terms & Conditions, then select "Create Account"

Step Three

Select the Microsoft Dynamics GP tile to see the instructions for downloading the connector required to integrate Nolan Cloud Services with your Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

Step Four

Select the version on Microsoft Dynamics GP you are using from the drop-down menu. Then follow the step by step instructions shown on the page to synchronise Nolan Cloud Services with Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

VAT Submission for Making Tax Digital

Our VAT Submission software has been recognised by the HMRC as approved software for Making Tax Digital, allowing you to digitally send your VAT returns to HMRC. 

Making Tax Digital is a key part of the government's plans to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right and keep on top of their affairs - meaning the end of the annual tax return for millions. 

Nolan Cloud Services VAT Submission application provides the functionality of either a Link between your Accounting Application and HMRC or a Bridge to be used to access the HMRC Portal. Both processes fulfil the Making Tax Digital requirements to digitally submit your VAT Return. Click here to view the HMRC list of approved software supplier for Making Tax Digital, including Nolan Cloud Services. 

As an Accounting Application Link, Nolan Cloud Services VAT Submission application receives your VAT returns created in Microsoft Dynamics GP and allows you, through our Portal to submit it to HMRC. The Portal allows for definition of VAT Groups and links them to your VAT Entities.

As a Bridge, Nolan Cloud Services VAT Submission application allows you to upload your VAT return from an Excel or a csv file through the Portal to submit it to HMRC.

The Nolan Cloud Services VAT Submission application allows you to view your obligations, liabilities and payments as well as submitting your VAT returns.

Find out more by visiting our VAT Submission web page - VAT Submission for Making Tax Digital

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