Prepare your business for future growth

Mahdi Abbas (Account Executive at Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services - EMEA Channel) and Campbell McLeish (Head of Sales and Marketing at Nolan Business Solutions) discuss the challenges of financial planning, how processes are evolving, and the efficiencies gained from Planning and Budgeting integration for your organisation.

The first part of this three part webinar series covers:

  • Planning and Budgeting – This will allow organisations to plan across their entire base from an annual budget to weekly forecasts whilst touching on operational expenses, working capital, trend, driver-based forecasting, and much more. Giving the ability to produce top-down and bottom-up forecasting across all departments, subsidiaries, currencies, etc. Allowing each department to contribute to the budget rather than manually consolidating data from multiple excel spreadsheets.



  • Check out the second part of this webinar series to learn about Workforce Planning – Planning against FTE and freelancers/contractors alike as an operational expense of overheads against the rest of the planning process.
  • Check out the third part of this webinar series to learn about "What if?" scenarios/SmartView – Allowing organisations to produce best case and worst case “What If’s” based on each organisations business critical parameters from revenue, SKU’s, projects, expenses, etc.


For more information on this or any of our other services, contact our expert team at Nolan today via our website, via email, or by phone 01252 811 663.

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