SuiteConnect 2016 Nolan Business Solutions Partner

11th October 2016, a cold cloudy Tuesday in London but also the day of the long awaited NetSuite SuiteConnect EMEA.

The Blitz Bank Rec team descended into the Park Plaza hotel in Westminster, hard to miss a flash of orange in a sea of black.

Nolan Business Solutions took the SuiteConnect motto “Make Bold Happen” to the extreme.

SuiteConnect was all go from the beginning – what a fantastic turnout!






It all kicked off with the Keynote, starting with a unique performance of beatboxing telling us to “Think Weird” and “Make Bold Happen”.

Mark Woodhams then takes to the stage to tell us about the movement from NetSuite in 2005, 35 people in a room to now, over 900 UK staff members. What an impressive level of growth!

You can certainly tell the popularity of NetSuite by the standing room only in the welcome speech. Further confirmed by the happy customers on the stage, AbilityNet, Mazars, Simply health and the innovative ROLI with their musical invention!

Zach Nelson joins the stage to a roar of applause, many are interested in what the CEO of NetSuite has to say and if the recent Oracle Acquisition will be mentioned. No surprise that it is barely mentioned and Zach goes on to talk about the “Rules of the Cloud”“Embed AI into Business Process”, “Embrace Hybrid Business Models”, “Change is the only constant”.

With “Embrace the Hybrid Business Models”, Zach goes on to say “Customisation is not a Dirty Word”, this is what we like to hear! Nolan Business Solutions is known for its SuiteApps, built right on the NetSuite platform. We take the requirements and fine tune NetSuite to what is needed by our clients! 

A close to the keynote and everyone was off to learn more about SuiteAnalytics and What’s Coming up in NetSuite, but most importantly and I think everyone took full advantage of it, people networked. Ideas bounced around, business cards swapped, customers got a feel for the SuiteApps built for NetSuite that could help their businesses!

There was a real buzz at SuiteConnect and it was a successful event. We hope everyone got what they needed from it and we enjoyed spending time right at the heart of the ever growing NetSuite EMEA community

A big well done to NetSuite and Deloitte for pulling off a fantastic expo, it would be great to see more of these in the future!

If you missed us in orange Blitz Bank Rec shirts…. Here is a picture of a few of us!

Or contact us at to receive more information on Advanced Bank Reconciliation or to talk about any of the SuiteApps we provide. 

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