International Accounting Systems – 10 items to consider

When expanding globally, your accounting information system needs to be designed to handle tax localizations, multiple languages, and multi-currency. Also use an international business applications partner that understands global business requirements.

Here are 10 items to consider for your international accounting systems:

  1. Local sales taxes: What is VAT and GST versus US sales taxes?
  2. How do you pay your vendors electronically in countries such as Hungry and Australia? What kind of information do they need and how is that different from country to country.
  3. How are the payment terms and methods by vendors and clients different between countries?
  4. Why is it sometimes vendor versus creditor versus supplier or routing number versus sorting code?
  5. Where is it day/month/year versus month/day/year and why is that important?
  6. How do International bank files differ?  For example: BAI2, CSV, MT940
  7. Why are exchange rates really important to global organizations?
  8. What are the tax implications of where your headquarters are located? What are the savings?
  9. Why are localizations important?
  10. Your global VAR can probably speak 10 different languages and support is provided around the clock

If you would like to work with a global solutions provider, Nolan Business Solutions has offices across the globe. 

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Written by Kim Haythornthwaite - Nolan Business Solutions Inc. 

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