Nolan Business Solutions is a VAR like no other because we are able to offer our customers the choice of 3 leading ERP solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite and Sage X3. 

Nolan Business Solutions ERP Partner

Some might suggest that having so many solutions may dilute our expertise in each one but we disagree. The main reason we have chosen to offer 3 solutions is to ensure that we can meet our customer’s needs. No two clients are the same, even clients within the same industry have varying requirements and it is crucial that we understand this and are able to present the best solution for them. We are now able to offer a relatively unbiased judgment on which is the best system for a given client as we are not forced into only putting forward a single solution.

Many Value Added Resellers (VARs) focus on just one solution, this means that during new client meetings they are only looking to sell them that single solution which may not always be the best solution to support that businesses current requirements and crucially it’s future plans. They will try and convince them that their solution is the best one and look to fill any functionality gaps with third party add-ons and development projects. This just complicates the solution and leads to increased costs and a more difficult implementation and on-going support situation.

Nolan Business Solutions Methodology

At Nolan we follow a tried and tested methodology when it comes to helping customers select a new system. We understand how difficult it is to compare ERP solutions and aim to simplify this process by providing industry and product insight to our clients. This starts with an on-site discovery meeting where we sit down and take the time to understand the customer’s business. This includes current systems, project scope, key functionality required, preferred IT environment, budget, and more crucially future growth plans. We believe that if we don’t understand how the business works and where they are looking to go, then we cannot say with any authority that we can provide a solution at all, let alone decide which product from our portfolio best suits their needs.

We then take this information away and look at the strengths and weaknesses of Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite and Sage X3 and select the product that best meets the needs of the client.

Each product has its strengths and we have carefully selected our solutions to be able to offer a wide range of functionality with deep coverage over a range of industries, with a choice of deployment options.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Nolan Business Solutions Provider 

Microsoft Dynamics GP Charities Industry

Microsoft Dynamics GP is very strong for traditional financial requirements and whilst it is easy to deploy in a cloud environment it is primarily an on premise system. We find that many clients still have a strong leaning to traditional on premise systems. We have been developing products for Dynamics GP for over 15 years and have a carefully selected 3rd party vendor network in place so there isn’t much we can’t do with it if required. Our eRequest solution is extremely popular and we add value to many charities with our Advanced VAT solutions for partial VAT recovery for example.

NetSuite is an extremely strong solution and its main USP is that it is truly a one single solution which spans all areas of a business’s requirements. NetSuite includes Marketing, CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Project Management and Services. 

NetSuite Solution Provider Nolan Business Solutions

NetSuite is also very flexible and a platform for any business to build out workflows, and to alter their solution to meet their exact requirements using easy to use tools built into the solution without the need for developers. It is a true SaaS solution and upgrades are automatic twice a year so clients never get version locked or have to pay for costly upgrades.

Our Advanced Bank Reconciliation (ABR) further extends both NetSuite and Dynamics GP and enables integration into your bank accounts to download the statement, automatically post the transactions and then auto reconcile them. All without any user interaction. We currently support integration for over 4000 bank accounts.

Nolan Business Solutions Sage X3 Accredited PartnerSage X3 has very deep functionality for manufacturing and warehouse/distribution businesses and runs entirely from within a web browser but can be deployed as an on premise solution. Clients have the option of a Microsoft SQL or Oracle database making it extremely scalable. Its unique visual process flows make the user experience really easy and administrators can tailor users’ menus in a graphical way to make their jobs easy. Sage ERP X3 is excellent on mobile devices, and runs very happily on a tablet, or smart phone.

Sage X3 Accredited Partner

Sage X3 lends itself well to delivery via a private cloud offering, providing the best of both worlds between on premise and hosted solutions.

Assuming we are satisfied that we can present a solution which adds true value to the customers’ business and can support them going forwards we then plan and deliver a tailored demonstration of the chosen solution. All three ERP products are very powerful and flexible and can be configured in different ways so it is crucial that we invest the time and resources to tailor the system and present back to the client a personalised demonstration which aims to show them how their system might look if they chose to move forwards with Nolans. There is nothing worse than sitting through hours of software demonstrations on a generic ‘vanilla’ system which just does not show the prospective client how it will work for them. How can we expect the client to build up any trust in Nolan if we don’t deliver a useful demonstration of the software?

Nolan Business Solutions Implementation Partner

If we have done our job correctly then by the end of the demo both the prospective client and the Nolan team will be happy that there is a match and then we can start to map out how our partnership will progress. It is vital that we are both happy as implementing a new system is such a strategic decision for a business and selecting the correct partner to work with is just as important as selecting the correct ERP solution.

Client Trust

In conclusion at Nolan we genuinely believe in putting the needs of our customers first, not those of a particular chosen Vendor. We can offer impartial advice and pick from our hand chosen, best of breed trio of leading ERP solutions. This is rare amongst VARs and we feel gives us a tangible competitive advantage. Prospective clients can trust us to offer the best solution with no hidden agenda.

Competitive Advantage

We have invested heavily in training and vendor accreditations and our experienced consultants and developers have real expertise within our product portfolio. At the end of the day the software is only part of the story, we have to be absolutely certain that it is implemented well to truly give our customers the best experience. Customers seek to gain their own competitive advantage by investing in software solutions and in partnering with a leading VAR and we always make sure that we are focussed on this, and that we deliver.


Written by Mark Hennessy, Sales Director Nolan Business Solutions


Nolan Business Solutions Leading ERP Provider

Nolan Business Solutions is an international solution provider who has helped thousands of companies solve their business problems by implementing leading mid-market business systems and custom developed software applications for over 25 years.

Nolan Business Solutions are a unique solutions provider for Microsoft Dynamics GP, NetSuite and Sage X3. We have the ability to deliver standard and customised enhancements, as well as straightforward out-of-the-box or cloud installations.

At Nolan Business Solutions we genuinely believe in putting the needs of our customers first. We offer impartial advice and pick from our hand chosen, best of breed trio of leading ERP software solutions.

We have invested heavily in training and vendor accreditations and our experienced consultants and developers have real expertise within our product portfolio. 

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