There’s a reason more than 22,000 customers use NetSuite across the world. It’s scalable, agile, and delivers highly customisable functionalities to support your individual business needs.

Beyond its standard functionality, NetSuite allows for further personalisation with NetSuite add-on modules. These are offered in bundles specific to your industry and can be licensed at any time during your NetSuite contract. But what modules are available? And what do they mean for your business? We explore just that below.

What are NetSuite add-on modules?

First of all, it’s important to note that “NetSuite Add-On modules” is a term used for marketing purposes only. Modules and add-ons are actually separate and refer to different functions in the system.

Although these refer to different functions, they complement each other hugely.

A module is a complete system on its own, it has different records and functionality. While Add-ons are native to NetSuite and provide a given feature you can activate at any given time. Think about it this way: add-ons are used to enhance any module you already have inside NetSuite.

With that out of the way, let’s explore popular NetSuite modules that your business could be missing out on.

Popular NetSuite modules for Project & Resource Management

· NetSuite Project Management – A module offering integrated project management to help with tracking and reporting. The NetSuite project management module can help improve productivity across the business and maintain tighter control of project accounting.

· NetSuite OneWorld – This module helps global businesses manage multiple subsidiaries, legal entities, and units to drive operational efficiency and provide real-time insights into global operations.

· NetSuite Services Resource Planning (SRP) – Provides a comprehensive, end-to-end resource planning solution that helps streamline operations and optimise services team productivity.

Popular NetSuite modules for Inventory Management

· NetSuite Advanced Inventory – This module provides additional functionality for more complex inventory needs. It provides a real-time view of items, inventory and orders across all selling channels to help fulfil orders quickly and accurately.

· NetSuite Demand Planning – A module designed to predict required inventory based on historical demand or sales forecasts.

· NetSuite Warehouse Management System – To help improve your margins through space savings, lower labour costs, cycle count reduction, and customer satisfaction through minimising shipping errors.

Popular NetSuite modules for eCommerce & Retail Management

· SuiteCommerce Advanced – This builds on the Standard features, allowing your online store to expand by selling through multiple brands, languages, and currencies using a single platform.

Popular NetSuite modules for Accounting & Revenue Management

· NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management – This module automates revenue forecasting, allocation, recognition, reclassification, and auditing through rule-based event handling framework. This helps your business comply with accounting standards, and report financial results in a timely manner.

· NetSuite Multi-Book Accounting – A module helping you report financial results in compliance with accounting standards and optimise your financial close process.

· NetSuite Fixed Asset Management – Enables you to manage the full lifecycle of your business assets, integrate with your accounting system, and remove manual calculations from your process for a more efficient result.

Where you can find NetSuite modules

NetSuite have an extensive online module library that you can explore. This provides information on each module with datasheets and includes useful resources and guides.

These can be licensed individually, or as part of an ‘industry suite’ based on general use cases in your sector.

NetSuite add-on modules with Nolan Business Solutions

As an award winning 5-star NetSuite partner, we help businesses reach their potential. Nolan were made the second official NetSuite partner in the UK, so we have been the ideal solution since the beginning. Our experts have the skills needed to provide your business with a solution to meet all requirements in a cost-effective manner. Whether that be for NetSuite ERP, CRM, or SuiteCommerce needs, contact us at Nolan Business Solutions today to find out how we can help unlock your business growth.

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