Nolan Business Solutions develops new Microsoft Dynamics GP add-on tool to streamline expense management, following feedback from users.

Nolan Business Solutions today launches a web-based expense management add-on software tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP users which provides them with a simpler, quicker way to input and manage company and employee expense claims.  The ‘Web Expense for Dynamics’ solution has been developed by Nolan following demand from current customers to streamline their employee expense claims processes.

Web Expense for Dynamics generates a simple and time effective way for companies to manage their expenses throughout the organisation. Traditionally most companies ask employees to produce a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet at the end of each month which details their individual expenses, and these are then passed on to the finance department where they have to process this information and incorporate VAT. This new solution from Nolan significantly reduces manual administration by enabling employees to enter their expenses via a web browser, attach scanned copies of their receipts and then send email alerts to the relevant department for approval. Once departmental managers have approved the expenses claim then an email alert is sent to the finance department so that the claim can be processed and employees are reimbursed. Mike Risley, Commercial Director at Nolan Business Solutions explains, “We are always looking for new ways to help our clients streamline business processes and something which they have requested is a more efficient expense management solution. The development of Web Expense for Dynamics enables users to utilise browser-based technology so that employees can submit expense claims online. This speeds up the approval process, reduces paperwork between departments, and ultimately ensures that employees get paid promptly.” Risley continues, “One of the main benefits of this new solution is the time we can now save our clients. Time spent inputting expense data is dramatically reduced as the information provided by the employee when submitting their expenses form is the same information that is used the whole way through the approval process, removing the need for departmental managers or finance staff to have to re-key data between different systems. By launching Web Expense for Dynamics, we can help Microsoft Dynamics GP users to streamline the entire expenses management process and achieve greater efficiencies across the business.”  

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