Nolan to enhance functionality of YMCA’s Cloud-based system, NetSuite, to increase online bookings for its day nurseries and holiday camps.

YMCA Fairthorne Group has selected Nolan Business Solutions to provide a project redevelopment service for NetSuite, its Cloud-based business management system. As part of the contract, Nolan will be helping YMCA to enhance the functionality of its NetSuite system in order to increase online bookings for its school holiday Daycamps and after school club bookings, as well as improving its current web presence. Nolan was selected because of its in-depth understanding of the NetSuite product suite, accounting knowledge and track record in the Charity sector.

YMCA Fairthorne Group's mission is to champion and add value to young lives by providing experiences that challenge, enable and develop individuals. As well as Daycamp and afterschool clubs, the group offers a range of services across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, including 7 children’s nurseries, activity and accommodation centres, supported housing for young people, a young carer’s project and a children’s bereavement service.

YMCA Fairthorne Group has been using NetSuite for five years, however to date it has not been utilising the full functionality of the system. Jim Hooper, Central Support Director, YMCA Fairthorne Group explains, “The tipping point came when the growing numbers of children which were being booked into the Daycamp programme was reaching 500-600 children a day placing a huge administrative burden on our sales staff. The booking process involved was quite labour intensive as parents were contacting us to book and pay across the numerous locations in which the camps are situated. At present 15-20% book online via NetSuite but because this has been a slow, laborious process to date, 80% of our customers still book over the telephone.”

Hooper continues, “Our aim is to increase the number of online bookings and improve our online sales and web presence, so we put together a proposal and went out to market to look for a support partner. When we met with Nolan we were really impressed with their knowledge of NetSuite and the ideas they had for improving our use of the system. Nolan helped us to take a step back and we quickly realised that the way we had NetSuite set up wasn’t efficient. By re-structuring the NetSuite set up, we will be able to dramatically improve our online booking process, making it quick and easy for our customers to book a place on our camps and clubs.”

Hooper says, “Previously we were relying on the NetSuite team based in the US for support issues, so it is great to now have local support from Nolan, and we know that they are available to be on site at our office whenever necessary which is another benefit. Nolan have clearly demonstrated to us that their knowledge of the NetSuite solution is second to none and they grasped very quickly what our problems were and instantly thought of solutions that would benefit us.”

Hooper concludes, “We are a children’s charity which provides a variety of services, promoting and supporting the family unit across a wide geographical spread so it is essential that we are using the best software to enable our organisation to provide the quality care which is required. By working with Nolan we now have an IT partner that provides fantastic support, consultancy and advice, helping us to maximise the full potential of our NetSuite business management platform in order to improve operational efficiency and customer service.”

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