"Nolan Business Solutions worked with RealTime DC to implement NetSuite in the shortest time possible without adding bloated consultancy that was not required. The Nolan Business Solutions' team were flexible and knowledgeable to achieve the desired go-live" 

Brian Pellett

Managing Director at RealTime DC Ltd

  • Location

    Arundel, UK

  • Industry

    IT Solutions Provider

  • Product

    NetSuite and eInteract

A market leading ERP solution for RealTime DC Ltd to achieve their growth targets

With plans in place to grow their business substantially, RealTime DC were searching for a cloud solution to be the foundation of their strategy, as well as have the flexibility to grow with them.

Find out how Nolan Business Solutions implemented NetSuite Limited Cloud Service and our SuiteApp eInteract Lite for RealTime DC to provide the platform required to drive the business to the next level. (May 2019)

The Customer

RealTime DC is a family-run software and hardware supplier based in the UK. Founded in March 2003, the company offer software and hardware products, as well as consultancy services, primarily for the manufacturing and logistics market. In 2008 the company expanded and began to offer mobile software solutions across verticals such as Health & Safety and Cleaning. Following high levels of success in these verticals, RealTime DC are looking to grow their business and push their ecommerce platform more to increase sales and customer reach.

The Challenge

The current RealTime DC ERP and CRM system was implemented in 2007 but it was felt that in order to achieve the desired growth targets, a new system was required. The current system did not have the relevant reporting capabilities, and zero stock control functionality. The new system needed to have integration to FTP feeds from multiple distributors with price and stock look up, as well as margin calculation on 20,000+ products. The new cloud based system needed to be one fully integrated system required to replace both the old CRM and ERP system, and output feeds to the current Magento 2 web site.

Additional new system requirements were:

  • Flexible and agile
  • Allow workflows
  • Create alerts
  • High standard of reporting
  • Generate KPI's
  • Customisable dashboards

As well as the above criteria, the system was to be implemented without the need for third party applications or extensive development projects. 

The Solution


Nolan Business Solutions proposed implementing NetSuite Limited Cloud Service, as well as our SuiteApp eInteract Lite. NetSuite Limited Cloud Service is a class leading cloud based system encompassing:

  • Marketing
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Inventory
  • Ecommerce
  • Accounting
  • Help desk capabilities

NetSuite delivers the proven, comprehensive financial management capabilities required to grow a changing, complex business. NetSuite's financial management solution is used by thousands of organisations to manage their accounting needs. This software accelerates financial close, provides strong expense management, offers streamlined and auditable revenue management and ensures complete real-time viability into the financial performance of the business.

eInteract Lite

eInteract SuiteApp can significantly reduce the cost-per-transaction by eliminating labour intensive administrative tasks and automating the main business processes by using one flexible, powerful and integrated business application that supports the sales, distribution, finance and customer service aspects of an IT reseller business.

The SuiteApp, eInteract Lite, has been modified to allow for local price and availability lookups via manual CSV upload rather than the usual automated feeds directly from distributors. The advantage of this is that whilst the transaction EDI functionality will not exist, all of the other functionality built into eInteract over many years will be available. This includes:

  • Complex automated pricing rules
  • Configurable item creation settings
  • Automated item categorisation
  • Duplicate PO number warnings
  • Price & availability look ups from the quote, sales order and purchase order form
  • Special bid processing
  • Options for flexible serial number compatibility

eInteract has achieved the 'Built for NetSuite' accreditation which has to be renewed for each major release of NetSuite. This ensure that eInteract stays up to date as NetSuite develop their solution. NetSuite release two major upgrades per year, typically in the spring and autumn.

The Outcome

Phase one of the project has been implemented successfully in less than three months. The second phase is to enable the marketing functionality of NetSuite, as well as the CRM and Product data aspects.

RealTime DC are fully committed to grow their business substantially over the next few years. With assistance from Nolan Business Solutions, and by having a class leading, intelligent software solution in NetSuite, RealTime DC will have the best possible ERP system to maximise their growth potential.

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