Millions of small businesses settle for entry-level software solutions such as Sage, Excel, and email contact applications to run their organisation, and it is clear why. They can be set-up and ready to use almost instantly, offer most things a small business needs to operate, and are cost-effective in many situations. However, as a small business grows, a disconnected string of applications can result in unreliable, outdated information that can become time consuming and expensive to maintain.

Because of this, many decide to upgrade their software to a more comprehensive solution - NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). As a system that scales by design, is engineered for rapid growth, and can expand internationally, NetSuite ERP is the ultimate choice for businesses looking to future-proof their software.

In this article, we explore why so many small businesses choose NetSuite ERP, and why it could be right for you.

1. NetSuite in the Cloud

In current times and with working from home being the ‘new normal’, the need to operate from the Cloud becomes necessary. NetSuite ERP can be fully operated from the Cloud, giving your employees access to the data they need, anytime, anywhere. This also provides excellent scalability, perfect for small businesses. With the option to easily add and scale back licenses, you are able to meet demands and pay for exactly what is needed.

2. Complete customisation with NetSuite ERP

Equipped with endless customisation capabilities, NetSuite ERP offers a system that can be developed based on your small business needs and goals. Inside NetSuite, you can select which modules you need, and can adapt them to suit your operation.

For example, businesses looking for financial management can opt for modules like Accounting, Advanced Financials, Advanced Revenue Management, SuiteBilling, and more. Likewise, if a company requires an established inventory management solution, they can choose NetSuite’s warehouse management system, or opt for Procurement and Demand Planning modules.

The bottom line is, you can select the modules your business needs, no more and no less - and can always optimise your NetSuite capabilities with additional modules in the future.

For further information on NetSuite modules, and if you are curious to know exactly which modules are available with NetSuite, take a look at our ultimate guide to NetSuite add-on modules.

Want to learn more about using NetSuite for your ERP?

Our forward-thinking software specialists can guide you through every step of the way.

3. Ease of NetSuite ERP integrations

Another major benefit of NetSuite for small businesses is the provided Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These make it possible for you to ‘tap-in’ to other important software applications that can provide a huge amount of value for your business. This can be done directly, or through an integration platform.

As an example, a popular integration amongst small businesses is linking Salesforce and NetSuite. Many users want to continue using the Salesforce CRM, but also take advantage of an ERP too. Fortunately, with the APIs provided by NetSuite, this can all be made possible, and relatively easily too.

4. Improved visibility with NetSuite ERP

Small businesses often store data across multiple, disparate systems, which makes gathering, analysing, and using this information to make decisions time-consuming and error prone. But with NetSuite ERP you have a solution that provides all the data you need, right at your fingertips.

With NetSuite Business Intelligence, you will benefit from the power of built-in, real-time dashboards, reporting, and analytics. This enables you to gain instantaneous visibility to identify issues, trends, and opportunities, and take action as and when you need to.

Looking for a NetSuite partner?

As an award winning 5-star NetSuite implementation partner, we help small businesses like you achieve their goals. Our experts have the skills and experience needed to provide your organisation with a solution that meets your requirements, and provide ongoing support, training, and development to ensure you get the absolute best from your software. If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your ERP needs, contact us at Nolan Business Solutions today, or request a free demo to see how our solutions can help your business.

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