VAT Submission

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Date/ Version: 11th February 2022 / Version 1.0

Previous versions are available here.

NCS APP: Nolan VAT Submission

These App Specific Terms and Conditions are those referred to in the NCS APP STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS as found here (Terms and Conditions).

Definitions used in the Terms and Conditions apply in these App Specific Terms and Conditions.

These App Specific Terms and Conditions are supplemental to the Terms and Conditions. Where there is a conflict of interpretation between Terms and Conditions and these App Specific Terms and Conditions, these App Specific Terms and Conditions shall take priority

Description of the NCS App: Manage Your VAT Data and submit Your VAT Returns to HMRC through MTD Gateway. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Compliant with ERP Systems/ Minimum Requirements:

ERP System

Minimum Requirements as at date of this version

Microsoft Dynamics GP



Links: The Links required are to connect HMRC to Your ERP system.

Additional Terms of Use for Links:

  1. You provide log-in credentials (“Credentials”) to your HMRC accounts at Your own risk.
  2. Your provision of Credentials is required in order for the Links to be made and the functionality of this NCS APP to work. If you do not wish us to use these Credentials do not provide the Credentials but in doing so the NCS APP will no longer work for You. We shall cease to use the Credentials immediately on termination of the Subscription. If you do not provide Credentials or You wish to cancel use of the Credentials at any time, this shall be deemed to be a Cancellation Notice.
  3. By using the NCS APP You agree that the data sources that maintain Your NCS APP that interacts with your Credentials in connection with the service facilitated by this NCS APP are not liable for any loss, theft, compromise, or misuse whatsoever in connection with these services (including negligence), except to the extent such liability cannot be limited under applicable law.
  4. We make no any warranties of any kind related to the data provided by these services--whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise. 

Subscription Fee: For this NCS App the Subscription Fee comprises of an annual fee. For more information on pricing please click here


[Variations to: Personally Identifiable Data: details of processing

Controller:     You

Processor:     Us

Nature, purpose and subject matter of processing:         We will process Customer Data contained within the Content as necessary to provide the features of the NCS App that are hosted on Our cloud environment.

Duration of processing: the Subscription Period plus 90 days OR if for a Trial, the Trial Period plus 90 days

Categories of data: You are solely responsible for determining what Customer Data is contained in the Content. Any categories of Personally Identifiable Data could be included.

Data subjects: You are solely responsible for determining what Customer Data is contained in the Content. Any categories of data subjects could be included.]

Third Party Processors (clause 15 Terms and Conditions)


Microsoft Azure

Send Grid

Oracle NetSuite


Further Requirements:

You will need to provide appropriate licencing and access to Your ERP system. This is not included in this agreement.

Nolan services including training, consultancy, and initial set up are not included in this agreement. Additional services are available on request and may attract additional costs.


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