Bank Connections

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Create a connection to a Bank SFTP Server

Connections to banks can be created using the Register New Entity wizard, accessible from the Navigation Menu.

Click next on the first page of the Wizard


Select Service Type

Select what type of organisation you are connecting to.

Click next


Select Geographic Region

Select the location of the organisation

Click next


Select Financial Institution

Various different types of connections are supported.  The following wizard pages will be customised to the type of connection you select.

Generic SFTP (Advanced):  SSH File Transfer Protocol 

Generic SFTP (Advanced)

Description: Descriptive text for this connection

SFTP Server URL:  IP address or URL of the Bank's SFTP Server

Port Number:  TCPIP Port for the SFTP Server

SFTP Authentication Type:  How you log into the Bank's SFTP Server, select from 

  •   User & Password: You must then fill in the SFTP User Name and SFTP Password fields
  •   User & Private Key:  You must then fill in SFTP User Name and SFTP Private Key fields
  •   User & Password & Private Key: You must then fill in SFTP User Name, SFTP Password and SFTP Private Key fields

SFTP User Name:  Login or User name provided by the Bank for your connection to the SFTP Server.

SFTP Password:  Password provided by the Bank for your connection to the SFTP Server.

SFTP Private Key:  If you have selected to use a Public/Private key combination to authenticate with the SFTP Server.  You must generate the Public/Private key files, send the Bank the public part in a file.  In these fields select the format of the key file, use the 'Choose File' button to upload the PRIVATE KEY file, and provide the password for the key file.

Remote Dir:  The location on the Bank's SFTP server where uploaded files will be places

File Format:  This is the format (Type) of file that your bank provides you Statement data in 

Your bank should provide documentation about the available formats.

Download Folder:  The location on the Bank's SFTP server where response files will be downloaded from

Encryption:  If your bank provides the files encrypted.   Nolan Bank Feeds supports PGP (or sometimes referred to as GPG),   if you need to use decryption, select the cypher here,  Use the following fields to provide your Private Key File and Password.  The Private key file is sometimes referred to as the 'Secret'.

File Pattern Matching: You this file mask to only pickup specific file names from the Banks Server

Account Number Prefix: The value entered there will be pre-appended to the start of any account number read from the banks files.

Click Register to complete the Process


Supported Bank Connections

Click here to view all supported bank connections.

Nolan Bank Feeds supports a wide range of bank connections

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